Real Men Wear Pink | Prove It For a Chance To Win A Save Phace Mask

Real Men Wear Pink 1 300x283 Real Men Wear Pink | Prove It For a Chance To Win A Save Phace Mask

Real Men Wear Pink

It’s time to give away a mask and donate to the Susan. G. Komen Foundation to help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with our REAL MEN WEAR PINK contest (ladies, of course you can play too)!

To enter to win, all you have to do is:

That’s it! Everyone who posts a photo to our Facebook page is automatically entered to win a Save Phace mask PLUS for every photo that is posted, Save Phace will donate $1 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation (cap of $500)!

Contest will run from October 14th – 31st and a random winner will be chosen and announced on November 1st on our Facebook page!

Let’s help save the Tata’s and bring awareness to Breast Cancer, so slap some PINK on and get to postin’!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram too for more Save Phace action!


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Paintball: National Collegiate Championship May 18th on CBS

Capture Paintball: National Collegiate Championship May 18th on CBS

Paintball: National Collegiate Championship May 18th on CBS

The 2013 National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) College and High School Paintball Championships were held on April 19-21 at the Central Florida Paintball Field in Lakeland, Florida.  Fifty-five college teams and five high school teams competed in the event in various categories over the course of the three-day event.  If you missed the action live, want to see what collegiate paintball is all about, or just need to relive the moment one more time, the CBS Sports Network will rebroadcast the championship game between the Cal State University – Long Beach 49ers and the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles on Saturday, May 18 at noon Eastern Standard Time. Check your local listings for availability and channel.

The NCPA is a non-profit organization consisting of college and high school paintball clubs and teams, and facilitating coordination between the clubs on a national level.  The mission of the organization is to promote paintball as a friendly, inexpensive, and top-quality sport that allows players to improve their paintball skills at all levels.  The group subsidizes competition within its leagues, culminating in a national paintball tournament held annually.  The NCPA provides these same types of services on a high school level to encourage participation in the sport and seed the collegiate level with quality athletes.

Capture2 Paintball: National Collegiate Championship May 18th on CBS

Paintball: National Collegiate Championship May 18th on CBS

Currently, the NCPA consists of 229 clubs across the country, with almost 6000 general members and over 2,200 tournament members.  Clubs exist in 44 different states.  The NCPA provides a wide variety of services for its members, including discounts on paint, gear, and field usage, and free domain name hosting so each club or team can develop its own website.  The organization connects clubs, students, and sponsors to each other at individual college campuses.  In addition, the NCPA helps players organize on campus to start new paintball teams, and provides free promotional support for events being held by member teams.

College paintball clubs have been around since 1986, and the NCPA has been in existence since 2000.  The first college-level paintball national championships were held that same year. Since that time, the number of college teams in existence and the participation levels at the national events has increased steadily to its current status.



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The Save Phace SUM – Face Protection Beyond Compare!

mask blackmamba leftangled lg 300x300  The Save Phace SUM – Face Protection Beyond Compare!

The Save Phace SUM – Face Protection Beyond Compare!


Does your extreme sporting lifestyle and lack of face protection put you in situations where you’re constantly answering the question, “Dude, what happened to your face”? Do your playtime activities include periods of being pelted with sand, bugs, rocks, water, rain, mud, or hail coming at you at 60+ mph?  Do you spend more time fighting the elements than you do enjoying your insane sport of choice?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then you could use some face protection.  And not just any protection, a Sport Utility Mask (SUM) made by Save Phace.  Save Phace SUMs are sick!  They are the first and only sport utility masks of their kind.  They protect your face against the elements, and look awesome in the process.  Interchangeable goggles integral to the mask protect your eyes as well, and don’t fog up!  They can be worn over your prescription or sun glasses, and under your other protective gear, so saving your face doesn’t mean you have to leave other parts of your head and neck exposed.

stormtroopa front lg 300x300  The Save Phace SUM – Face Protection Beyond Compare!

The Save Phace SUM – Face Protection Beyond Compare!

Save Phace’s masks give you the face protection you need whether you’re planed-out in your bass boat, hunkered down on you jet ski, doing some mudding on your 4-wheeler, leaning into mountain-road curves on your bike, or free riding on the sand dunes.  Not only will your SUM protect you against heat and cold and the chapping and chafing that goes along with it, it’ll also keep you from crying like a baby when the hail, rain, rocks, and sand start flying, or when you smash into a dragonfly at the speed of sound.  Your SUM lets you enjoy your play time no matter what’s going on in front of you, beside you, or above you.

Face protection SUMs from Save Phace are lightweight, comfortable, and fit 98 percent of the planet’s population.  They come in a variety of phabulous colors, either solids or designs, and can be custom-finished to match your personality (or ride, or dog, or favorite zombie….whatever).  The polycarbonate interchangeable lenses are coated with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV coatings, and come in a number of different light-filtering styles to protect your eyes and never fog up.  The masks are designed to be put on or taken off in a couple of seconds (although they’re so comfortable, you may never want to take them off).

mask TotalEclipse rightangled lg 300x300  The Save Phace SUM – Face Protection Beyond Compare!

The Save Phace SUM – Face Protection Beyond Compare!

So get out there and be your bad-ass self with face protection from Save Phace!  You’ll look awesome, maximize your enjoyment, and still be able to walk away with perfectly functional eyes and a face that doesn’t look like it’s been peppered with buckshot.  Save your face-abuse for some other part of your weekend; keep it protected while you’re boating, skiing, 4-wheeling, or riding with a Save Phace SUM!

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Get the Job Done Right With a Save Phace Welding Helmet

Get the Job Done Right With a Save Phace Welding Helmet 300x300 Get the Job Done Right With a Save Phace Welding Helmet

Get the Job Done Right With a Save Phace Welding Helmet


When looking to buy a new welding helmet, there are a lot of different capabilities you need to consider. Is it comfortable enough to wear during a long day of work? Does it offer adequate protection? Does it give you enough view of the job to get it done efficiently and correctly? Well, if you buy a Save Phace welding helmet, you can be sure that all of these needs are not only met, they’re exceeded.

Before you even start on a new project, you make sure you will be working in a comfortable environment where you can focus on the job at hand instead of the mask you are wearing. Our welding helmet offer features a face-forming design that not only feels comfortable to wear, but also lets in plenty of airflow to keep you cool. Our designs are also made to allow you to work in any position, even the tightest of spots. These aren’t your dad’s bulky, cumbersome welding helmets. Not only are these comfortable, they feature custom graphics and a sleek design that will have you looking as good as you feel.

To go along with great form, we have also designed our welding helmets with great function. Our masks and goggles offer a full 180-degree view, which means no more tunnel vision while welding, grinding, or sanding. You’ll have a full field of vision without the need to worry about scratches or fog getting in the way. Add to that an ADF (auto darkening filter) that is integrated into the lens, you can work with confidence knowing you have the ultimate in eye protection.

Sometimes working hard isn’t enough. You also have to work right. A great Save Phace welding helmet assures you can do both with ease. To learn more about our great line of welding helmets, or to see some of the outrageous designs, but sure to check them out at, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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Become a Top Sniper With Our Airsoft Mask

Capture1 300x286 Become a Top Sniper With Our Airsoft Mask

Become a Top Sniper With Our Airsoft Mask

To be a sniper, you need to have a certain set of skills: strength, agility, catlike quickness and nerves of steel, etc.  So, how does an airsoft mask fit in? One of the most important aspects of being a hidden, long-range shooter is having a clear vision of the field. Save Phace makes some of the best (and sickest) tactical masks you’ll ever find on an airsoft field. So, besides a great airsoft mask, what else do you need to become the most feared sniper in town?

Becoming a great sniper takes more than being a crack shot, although that certainly helps. You have to be a special kind of person who is willing to forgo the hustle and bustle of the field to sit still in a distant corner in order to take out the one target to win. The sniper’s best friend is camouflage. Whether it is hiding in the shadows or going all out with a high-tech ghillie suit, being a silent, invisible threat is at the heart of sniping. Use the shadows and environment around you to perfectly blend in with your surroundings—you are already a great threat. To help disguise yourself, wear a Vengeance airsoft mask from our LL Series. It’s deep black will help you disappear in the field. That’s right. Even ninjas carry rifles—on the airsoft field, anyway.

Not only will the Vengeance airsoft mask help you blend into your surroundings, but its scratch proof and fog proof design will ensure that your vision is never compromised. But to be a great sniper not being seen is not enough. You should also move with a whisper. The best way to do this is to walk with you heel first, make sure that all of your gear is strapped down as not to clank around, and only take what you need. Extra supplies will not only stick out, but they will make more noise when you move from position to position.

While being a sniper may not be the sexiest job on the airsoft field, if you do it right, it can be an invaluable asset to your team. Just remember to stay invisible and arm yourself with great gear, including one of Save Phace’s great airsoft masks. For more tactical advice on conquering the airsoft battlefield, check out as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Paintball Protection From Head to Toe

3579122105 9b1fe66b2b z 300x225 Paintball Protection From Head to Toe

Paintball Protection From Head to Toe

The proper paintball protection elevates your game to warrior status on the field of battle. No one wants to get smacked with paint traveling at over 250 feet per second, but it happens—and when it does it can sting. Sometimes it hurts like hell. But your mama won’t be there to kiss it and make it better, so you best be outfitted from head to toes in the kind of radical paintball gear that will keep you charging ahead at your menacing best. After all, every second counts. As opponents cower and flinch at the thought of the next hit, you’ll conquer with confidence and kick every last ass. We, the experts at Save Phace, know exactly what you need to be invincible on the paintball field.

Our top priority is keeping your head in the game. Literally. We offer a full lineup of tactical masks that are ASTM and CE certified for use on the field. Designed not only for paintball protection, our sick masks are meant to intimidate the ever lovin’ snot out of opponents. Available in a wide array of colors and designs that are sure to get your opponents shaking in their boots, our comfortable masks are just what you need to protect yourself while dishing out punishment. A Save Phace mask is just for starters… one must accessorize accordingly. And that, my friends, is a matter of personal preference.

When it comes to paintball protection, it’s best to lean toward loose fitting, thick materials. While skin-tight athletic shirts may look fine to the opposite sex (that’s a different game), they offer little or no protection from the blunt force of a paintball splat. You’ll be reminded of that with every wince as you carry those battle scars and bruises around for a few weeks afterward.

The color of your gear isn’t just a matter of fashion sense. Camouflage or dark greens and browns are the obvious choice for outdoor courses while black may be more suitable for indoor play. The rest of your paintball protection is all about protecting and serving you. Obviously padding is important, particularly for the torso and legs; and footwear needs to be durable yet light enough so you can mercilessly track your prey with the lightning speed of a gazelle and stealth-like savvy of seasoned sniper.

No one wants to go home after a day on field covered with the bruises. While paintball protection can’t guarantee a win, it can keep you in the game, strike fear in the hearts of opponents, and prevent you from carrying around battle scars for days or even weeks afterward. Unleash your inner warrior! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates about our line of paintball protection, or check us out at

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Save Phace Tactical Eyewear on the Water

Capture 300x175 Save Phace Tactical Eyewear on the Water

Save Phace Tactical Eyewear on the Water


Tactical eyewear might not top your list of things to pack for an awesome day of fishing, but make no mistake: protective eyewear is just as important as your rod, reel, and tackle box. Save Phace can set you up with top-of-the-line protective eyewear that will not only make life on the water easier, but also more comfortable and stylish. With innovative design and features, you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

So, what makes our eyewear so kick-ass? These glasses aren’t just designed to keep the sun out of your eyes—which they do—but they also provide a clear vision of the waters ahead. Any angler who has stalked legendary lunkers in the early hours of a cool morning can attest that mist often makes ordinary sunglasses almost opaque with fog. Our tactical eyewear is fog resistant, meaning no more wiping your glasses on your shirt every few minutes. These bad boys also offer scratch-resistant lenses, full eye protection, and military grade specifications that will cut through the waves with a full view of your surroundings. Whether it is to get a clear view while speeding across the water in a speedboat, or trolling across your favorite fishing spot, our line of protective eyewear will transform a routine “good” day on the water into a totally awesome experience!

From our Sly Series to our Recon Series, there is sure to be the perfect pair of tactical eyewear that fits your style and budget. All our protective eyewear is guaranteed not to fog, so you don’t have to worry about weather, temperature, or sweat getting between you and your next epic fish tale. And our stylin’ specs are affordable, starting at less than ten bucks—that’s less than you’d spend for a throwaway pair from a pharmacy counter or local bait shop on the way to the lake. And who says fun after dark has to be limited to the bedroom? Our Recon Series and completely compatible night vision goggles will turn you into an unstoppable night-time fishing fanatic. All of our tactical eyewear also offers protection from wind, rain, water, hooks, lures, and anything else (bottle caps?) you don’t want flying into your eyes.

Your eyes may be your most important assets on the water, and a pair of protective eyewear from Save Phace will ensure that they are safe from the elements. Our line of tactical eyewear is rugged—just like you. So go ahead—hit the throttle and have some no-holds-barred fun. Neither sunlight nor fog nor debris flying in your face will keep you from becoming a master of the waves and a righteous fisherman. To learn more about our tactical eyewear series, check us out on Facebook or Twitter, or look at all the designs and more at

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Save Phace Masks Offer Top Paintball Protection Options:

Capture 300x74 Save Phace Masks Offer Top Paintball Protection Options:

Save Phace Masks Offer Top Paintball Protection Options

When you buy a Save Phace mask for paintball protection, the first thing that people will undoubtedly notice is the badass design that is sure to make your opponents shake in their boots. While this is a one of the great aspects of owning one of our sick paintball masks, there is more than meets the eye. Our masks don’t only look great, but they also offer top-of-the-line protection that receives rave reviews from players everywhere. With a full lineup of great masks, there’s sure to be one for you.

Starting with our Diss and Dope series of paintball protection, you can get a great mask that offers excellent vision, excellent protection, and jaw-dropping graphics at a price that won’t keep you off of the field until your next payday. Just because these masks are at the starting point of our series doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing any of the excellent qualities that you expect from Save Phace. With lenses that won’t scratch or fog, and full facial protection, you can rest assured that you will not be hindered during play.

If you want to have all of the paintball protection as well as a comfortable, washable, and interchangeable foam for added comfort, then our OU812 and Marksalot lines are just what you crave. Staying comfortable in the field is more than a convenience; it helps you stay focused on the tasks at hand, which is kind of a big deal when you have people shooting paint at you. Don’t waste time trying to make last-second adjustments to your mask— keep you head in the game!

RWI foam inserts are a great start, but why stop there? A second thermal lens will help you adapt to any light or condition. That’s where our So Phat and Tagged series come in. While having a set of goggles that can cut out the sun is a great tool to have, it can be a bit hard using the same mask at an indoors course. These extra lenses are not only great for paintball protection, but they also enable you to customize your game for any weather or lighting situation. Rain or shine, you’ll know that you have the power to optimize your gear for the course.

All of our masks are sure to make you the most lethal player on the course, so be sure to check out the complete set of lines at and be sure to add us to your Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date with all of your paintball needs.

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Tactical Eyewear: When and When Not to Wear

Grunt 1 lg 300x300 Tactical Eyewear: When and When Not to Wear

Tactical Eyewear: When and When Not to Wear



If you’re an extreme sports lover, you had better invest in tactical eyewear sooner rather than later. Wait too long and you could end up losing an eye or breaking a tooth. Seriously, wearing the right tactical eyewear for the right application is no laughing matter. Here’s a look at applications where you can and should don protective eyewear.


  • Paintballing: Any reputable paintballing location requires players to wear masks at all times. You’re not even supposed to remove your mask in a dead zone if it’s within range of the field. Severe paintball injuries are known to occur if you play without a helmet, yet with the correct tactical eyewear and safety equipment from Save Phace, paintballing can a fun, safe way to get exercise and hang out with your friends.
  • Airsofting: Although airsoft guns are not likely to cause a life-threatening injury, they can certainly take out an eye if you’re not wearing the proper tactical eyewear. Save Phace’s tactical masks are ASTM and CE Certified for safe paintball and airsoft play.
  • Welding: Why would you even try to weld without a welding mask? If you do, you’re just asking for a spark to hit your face or for the bright light to damage your eyes. Don’t take any chances. Instead, choose an extreme face protector from Save Phace that matches the specs and tough-guy looks you’re after.
  • Fishing: While you don’t need a full mask to protect your face from the wrath of a trout or bass, tactical goggles are incredibly useful when fishing. The right pair from Save Phace can keep splashes, wind, and glare from the water from ruining your ability to see well. After all, if you can’t see, you’re certainly not going to catch anything.


To find the right tactical eyewear for your favorite extreme sporting activity, please visit the Save Phace website today. Then, learn more by finding us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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2013 Face Protection: The Download

46966 154283524583887 4032619 n 300x300 2013 Face Protection: The Download

2013 Face Protection: The Download

Looking for face protection? You’ve come to the right place. Save Phace has a comprehensive collection of sports utility masks, tactical masks, and welding helmets designed precisely for the application you have in mind. Here are the ins and outs of our broad face protection options.

Sports Utility Masks

Sports utility masks, or SUMs, are designed for outdoor sport lovers. Whether you plan to take your ATV or motorcycle for a spin, spend a day boating, or go skiing through some fine powder, SUMs are there to Save Phace. They protect you from stinging sand, pouring rain, fierce wind, splattering bugs, messy mud, and prickling snow while you’re out having a blast.

Our SUMs are built for durability and comfort with lightweight construction that won’t weigh you down, lenses that won’t fog up, and a design made to fit 98 percent of the population. For the best-fitting, best-looking face protection, look no further than our sports utility masks.

Tactical Masks

If you love paintball or airsoft, take your face protection up a notch with our tactical masks. A military-grade anti-fog interior coating is guaranteed to prevent fog while an outer coating provides an anti-scratch surface to prolong the lifetime of the lens. Plus, with replaceable foam and straps, you prolong the mask’s lifespan by replacing worn parts instead of throwing the whole mask out.

If you’ve ever felt cheated by a tactical mask’s poor vision, rest assured that Save Phace masks have better peripheral vision than any other mask on the market. Vent plugs also ensure no stray jell cap or BB finds its way through the mask. It’s clear that tactical masks are the ultimate option in comfortable face protection.

Welding Helmets

Out welding helmets fall into a category we passionately call extreme face protectors, or EFPs. No other welding helmets in the world offer 180-degree peripheral vision, a face-forming profile to access tight spaces, and an auto darkening filter, or ADF, to protect your eyes from ultra violet and infrared rays while welding.

Like all our face protection gear, EFPs come with killer graphics. You can even customize your own ideal look. Check out the Elementary Series, Gen X Series, and Gen Y Series to find the perfect welding helmet for you.

For access to all the face protection you will ever need, visit the Save Phace website. Then, learn more by finding us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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